Luxury Villa in Bahama1It is understandable if you are ecstatic about the possibility of owning your own luxury villa in Bahama. Who can blame you? The imagination that you can always spend relaxing time in the warm weather, accompanied by the sound of gentles waves while you are sitting back, relaxing and enjoying your cold drink is always appealing. Everyone wants to have what you have. But before you get too excited, be aware of several things.

Granted that having a luxury villa will be a rewarding thing for you. Not only now you have your own private place to enjoy the paradise on earth, you get to make extra money on the side by renting your property to the interested tourists and visitors too. Life must seem beautiful to you right now, eh? But it is important that you aren’t carried away with all those lucrative dream and hope. Buying a house is always a risky business, and now you are going to do it in another country, so not only you should be dead serious, you should really be careful about it.

Things to Consider before Signing in Anything

Before you seal the deal and decide to buy a villa, here are some handy tips of what things you should consider:

  • Stick to your budget. Only buy the property that your money can afford. Yes, you may be tempted to buy the extra grandeur and luxurious property. You may have this imagination where you can retire like a king or the opposite sex will view you differently when they know you have a luxury villa in Bahama. However, it would be wiser if you really stick to your financial condition. You may think, now, that you can always get the money you need, but trust me, it won’t be easy as you think. Word of advice: know your limit, know how much you can afford, and really stick to it. You may not have any grandeur or extravagant luxury villa, but you will be able to live your life in very peaceful way.
  • Don’t forget to have backup plan for extra costs. Don’t calculate anything too strictly because extra cost is always possible.  Always take the worst possibility and prepare the fund for it. There’s nothing wrong with financial backup. If you need it, it will save your arse. But if you don’t need it, then you can always save it. No problem, no hassle.
  • Find reliable and credible agent to work with. Be sure that the agent is truly familiar with the area. On that way, they can provide information and insight to your needs. For instance, they can inform you where the peak holiday time is, where the nearest public spots are, and such things alike.
  • Learn about the weather patterns and the climate and observe what’s going on in that area. If you have set your eyes on a certain property, it doesn’t hurt to learn more about the place, including the weather. Natural and geographical patterns can provide you insight of what the property is worth of. For instance, if you find out that a particular area always experiences draught and overheat during the hottest periods, then you should reconsider your choice about buying the property there.
  • View the property not only as your investment, but also for your recreational spot.  Even if you can’t make money from it, so what? Don’t just view the property as a single business entity only. It would help if you can add in sentimental value, not just profitable factor.

Smart Moves and Handy Tips

Luxury Villa in BahamaIf you have decided on a particular type of villa and you want to own it, then really do the selection process carefully and thoroughly. As long as you are careful and don’t rush things, you should be able to get yourself a good property for your own usage.

Here are some handy tips about what you should do once you own a villa:

  • Consider the possibility of renting it. For some people, renting their villa out can be scary. The possibility of damage, vandalism, or others scares them from making their villa available for others. However, you may want to consider things through again. First of all, you can get tax benefits from renting it out. Second, you won’t be using that vacation home most of the time. When you are not using it, it will be vacant. Instead of letting it vacant and leave it rot without anyone caring for it, renting should be a good option. After all, there is always agreement between you and the renter, so you shouldn’t worry if they violate your rights. Do you know that renting your villa can actually increase its value?
  • Really know what you want from a villa. Before choosing a villa, there are lots of things that you should consider about. Do you want a villa that is close to the city or located in a secluded area? Do you want a villa that is close to the beach? Do you want to have a villa that is close to the harbor so you can watch your yacht as well? Do you want a villa facing the mountains or the sea? Do you want a villa with neighbors or without one? If you want neighbors, how should they behave? Do you want a villa with spa or private Jacuzzi? The list is endless so make sure you go through them thoroughly.
  • Choose the villa very wisely. Do you want a new villa or a second one? There are experts on different matters. If you want a second home villa, go to the professionals and ask for their help. New and second villas have different requirements and types. a professional agent in second home may be able to help you find a villa with newly installed plumbing or a villa with a new roof work done.

In the end, it is you to decide which luxury villa you want to own. Try not making any mistake because property isn’t cheap at all.

Going on a trip means you want to relax and free from all difficulties that you have on daily basis. This is why you want everything to be beautiful and perfect. One thing that you should prepare beforehand is the villa to stay in Seminyak. You could use guide to booking a villa to find a place that you like.Guide to Booking a Villa

Guidance in booking a villa

  1. Find what you want: first you need to know what you want from your trip. Do you want to go to the beach, mountain, or town? Then find a trip location that you like within your country or abroad.
  2. Decide when to go: after you find a trip location you could search when is the best time to go there. Some places have event that happened once a year, big discount on all store at one time, and many others.
  3. Find villa spot: now that you know what and when you want to do the trip it is time to find the villa using our guide to booking a villa. Find a spot that could fulfill your need based on what you want earlier. If it is possible try to search villas that located on the same areas so you could have broader selection.
  4. Compare size: when you travel alone it would not be a problem, but when you travel within large number of people you need to make sure that everyone has a place to put their back on. This is why you should see how many rooms that the villa has and whether it is enough for all. You may need to rent 2 bedroom villa in Seminyak or more if necessary.
  5. Compare Service:having a great service could affect your trip since it could reduce the stress that you have because you do not need to think about anything other than enjoying your vacation. Look for the kind of service that you like and which villa that willing to give you the service.
  6. Compare price: you have found some villas that you love to stay in by this guide to booking a villa. Now it is time to reduce the line by comparing the price. Contact the owner one by one to ask their price; try to negotiate the rate so they would lower it.
  7. Find villa reference: some people who enjoy travelling like to share the experience that they have in a place they go to. You could try to find it on the Internet by reading some travel blogs that discuss about the villa you want to rent. By doing it you will have inside view on the real condition of the villa, the service that they give to the renter, and many more.
  8. Booking a villa: once everything is set and clear, then you could contact the owner once again to reserve it for you. Pay all the necessary fees and ask them to send the written deal to your email.

We hope using guide to booking a villa could help you find great trip experiences ever.

Have you ever been to Tirta Gangga? It is basically a beautiful park with a pond and also water fountain that will refresh your days. If you want to see other sides of Bali – aside from the modernity of Denpasar and its glorious shopping malls – you may want to try going to Tirta Gangga and explore the unique natural atmosphere of the place.

Tirta Gangga is located in Karangasem Regency, on the eastern part of Bali, about 2 hours away from Denpasar. If you are traveling from Karangasem to Singaraja, you can find the spot right away – it is pretty strategic and easy to find. If you join the tour to these areas, Tirta Gangga is always included in the itinerary.tirtagangga-11

The park itself has been around for decades, since Anak Agung Angluerah Ketut Karangasem, the Karangasem king at that time, in 1948, built it. Before the king built the park, a wellspring had been found. The local people believed that the water was sacred and holy. That’s why they called it Embukan, or wellspring in Balinese.  The god was believed to bathe there, so the water became holy. That’s why the local people as drinking water also used it. When Karangasem king decided that the wellspring should be turned into a park, the surrounding nature is still preserved, but the spring alone had been sacrificed. The king wanted this spot to be a perfect place to attract visitors; that’s why he came up with the idea.

If you come to Tirta Gangga, you will see this huge fountain as well as big public pool. The water is clean, so visitors like to use it. It is around Abang Hill foot, making the place has cool and nice temperature. It can be quite chilly especially in the morning or at night. The park has this lush and natural tropical garden with fishponds. This is certainly an ideal place for families wanting to experience green trip. You can have a picnic here, or simply walk around to enjoy the natural view. Most of the buildings and decors are made based on spirits from Agung Karangasem Palace – or Puri Agung Karangasem – so you can expect similarities and union between Sukasada Park and Tirta Gangga.


There are some hotels available around the park if you want to spend a nigh there. Since the park is close to Candidasa Village, you can find these hotels: Lotus Bungalow, Candi Beach Cottage, Puri Baus Candidasa, Rama Candidasa, and Alila Manggis. Since Tirta Gangga Park is considered as one of the most popular tourist objects in eastern part of Bali, some public facilities have been set up to attract tourists. You can find food stall, hotels, public phone and toilet, public pool, parking area, drinking stall, guesthouse, ATM, and restaurants.  You can even find moneychanger here.

So, have fun when visiting Tirta Gangga. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures since everything here is well maintained and preserved. It is also a good idea to take the tours in the eastern area.

International travelling tips can be considered for you who want to always being safe and comfortable in doing international travelling. Not of all people can realize that there few or some differences when they decided to visit other countries. They should know that this is not America and you should able to adapt when you come to other countries. Don’t be silly by making everything similarly.  International travelling tips below probably will help you to be wisely visiting the destination in another country.

Preparation and Identification

International Travelling Tips 2How about preparation? The first thing you should consider when travelling to foreign country is passport. This is an identification that proves your real nationality, identity and even travel history you would follow. Beside that, you also need a visa. Sealed visa offer permission to enter certain countries for a certain period of times. In addition, some countries don’t need a visa while other do. So be sure that you know which one countries that need a visa. Also, being note that you also apply for a passport through an officially government office several months before your journey.

Health Case

Instead preparation of international travelling tips above, you also concern to you and your family’s health. As we know that health is the main major concern before doing an international travelling. Some countries probably will require you to get a certain vaccination before you arrive on the specific country. Don’t be confused because The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will tell you which shots you need for each country you would visit. Everything including a shot record has been included on a little yellow book should be presented when entering some countries that include shot requirements. By this one, you ca adapt with new place on a certain country, sex, the use of water (whether it is with good sanitation or not) so on.

About Local Currency

Beside that, you also need to have a local currency. Local currency is really important because it can be used for doing every transaction you do in foreign country you would visit. In the other hand, you must learn also about a foreign country.  That’s way help you to know whether you can get a good bargain and deal when spending your money that has been changed to be a local money. Also, you should know that your CC and ATM will work on most of countries. To get a local money, you are able to visit a local bank. Even you can exchange your US cash money and also  traveler’s checks. Do it only in Bank because they offer ease for everybody including many tourists.

International Travelling Tips 3

Misconceptions You Should Realize

Misconceptions perhaps will happen in the foreign country before you start your international travelling tips. Let’s do your own homework and also read everything about your destination before you go. Check some books from official library or it sounds good to but a travel guide to take with you. Visit and learn their cultures, views and tradition. Many local people you are visiting is going to be very impressed if you know a few things about history, society, culture because at least it gives them appreciation. We hope that International Travelling Tips can inspire you all.